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When He Was Wicked By Julia Quinn
By: mariamrose on Oct 04 | Topic Expertise:

This is the last book I read from Julia Quinn. I had read her earlier books and I am quite impressed by the way she...

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Electronic Thermometer
By: mariamrose on Nov 02 | Topic Expertise:

We bought this electronic thermometer 1 year back. Earlier we were using the clinical thermometer. One day it broke and the mercury was all over...

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By: mariamrose on Sep 29 | Topic Expertise:

I was a little overweight by about 10 kilograms. So last year I joined a weight loss program where you don't have to do any workout, yet loose weight by...

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Visit To Kanya Kumari
By: mariamrose on Oct 26 | Topic Expertise:

We visited Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin, last November. It is the southern most tip of Indian peninsula. It is located in Tamilnadu state,...

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By: mariamrose on Oct 10 | Topic Expertise:

We visited this resort last May. We came to know about this resort from a travel agency which we regularly use for our travel purposes. Then we searched about this...

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Samsung Digital Camera
By: mariamrose on Nov 16 | Topic Expertise:

We bought this camera about two and half years back. It was after our baby was born and we wanted to take lot of his...

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Yepp Mp3 Player
By: mariamrose on Oct 30 | Topic Expertise:

Yepp is a comparatively new product launched by Samsung. We bought this around six months back. That was when it was about to launch officially.It...

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Illustrated Family Encyclopedia
By: mariamrose on Nov 02 | Topic Expertise:

I bought this book from a book exhibition held last month. They were giving this for a discounted rate which was around 40% less than...

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My Deodorant Body Spray!
By: mariamrose on Oct 30 | Topic Expertise:

I started using this body spray 2 months back. Earlier I was using another brand. This one I chose randomly from the shop. I checked...

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My Hyundai Getz
By: mariamrose on Nov 06 | Topic Expertise:

We bought Hyundai Getz last year. It is mainly used by my husband but I use it once in a while. Earlier his car was...

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