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Basin Harbor Club Review
By: mary60 on Oct 24 | Topic Expertise:

The Basin Harbor Club is one of those places located on beautiful Lake Champlain in Vermont. The history of this place goes back to the...

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No Child Left Behind
By: mary60 on Jan 16 | Topic Expertise:

Children with disabilities, such as Autism have come along way in the school system, but many have not. Many of the schools and teachers are...

Type: General Article | Category: Education & Learning
Self Esteen With Eagle Eyes
By: mary60 on Oct 27 | Topic Expertise:

The book "Eagle Eyes" is a guide for children with learning and behavorial issues. Its shows them how to find self worth and ways of...

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2009 Nissan Frontier Truck
By: mary60 on Sep 03 | Topic Expertise:

We just purchased this 2009 Nissan Frontier Truck and already have fallen in love with it. It was time to trade our Dodge Truck, but...

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Black Light String Thing
By: mary60 on Sep 03 | Topic Expertise:

When we went to Disney, we saw this in the gift shop, and the kids thought this was cool. The price was not bad considering...

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Creative Inspire P5800 Speakers
By: mary60 on Feb 17 | Topic Expertise:

The Creative Inspire P5800 Speaker system gives us a great sound for our computer. The set can be on a desk or attached to the...

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By: mary60 on Feb 14 | Topic Expertise:

Everyday I see more and more sibling rivalry. I know all about each person being an individual, and their right to express themselves. Underneath these feelings are the real feelings...

Type: General Article | Category: Children & Parenting
Children's Illustrated Cookbook
By: mary60 on Feb 15 | Topic Expertise:

Cooking in our household has always been a fun time. My son is a good cook, and my grand daughter wants to carry this family...

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Draw Those Pokemons
By: mary60 on Oct 23 | Topic Expertise:

If your child likes to draw and likes the toys called Pokemons, then they will like this art book. This step by step book will...

Type: Product Review | Category: Hobbies & Crafts | Rating:
By: mary60 on Jan 31 | Topic Expertise:

Our children are getting more and more over weight. They tend to not exercise or eat healthy. Fast foods are what most of them eat, except the very few that...

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