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By: mikeys-thoughts on Aug 04 | Topic Expertise:

IntroductionThis documentary talks about the problem with massive amounts of honeybees that are dieing. It also explain the death of the bees effects on the food supply and what could...

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Phosphatidylserine Is Great Overall
By: mikeys-thoughts on Aug 22 | Topic Expertise:

When I tried Phosphatidylserine the first time it was way back in High School and was useing it as a Weight Lifting Aid because it...

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Halloween:The 2007 Remake Unrated Directors Cut
By: mikeys-thoughts on Sep 27 | Topic Expertise:

Summary:This movie is a remake of the Original Halloween movie directed byRob Zombie also known as the lead singer of the band White Zombie.This is...

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By: mikeys-thoughts on Feb 08 | Topic Expertise:

The Video Game is about a writer named Alan Wake who goes on vacation to a quiet secluded town with his wife to geta clear head as well as do...

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Resident Evil 5 Review
By: mikeys-thoughts on Aug 18 | Topic Expertise:

Resident Evil 5 involves a storyline thats of more relavance to present day times such as oil and terrorism. The storyline is located somewhere in...

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By: mikeys-thoughts on Oct 04 | Topic Expertise:

Graphics: The graphics in the game are fantasic as I have no complaints. I heard there identical to the first Gears of War but I hardly even touched that game...

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
By: mikeys-thoughts on Jan 23 | Topic Expertise:

The Feel of the ControllerThe Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Feels very comfortable to use when playing video games online. Its got a solid and durable...

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By: mikeys-thoughts on Jan 19 | Topic Expertise:

IntroductionThe Finger Track Ball Mouse is quite unique out of all the computer mouses I've used. Whats different about it is I use my thumb to move around the cursor...

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By: mikeys-thoughts on Nov 29 | Topic Expertise:

If you want the most maximum OTC pain relieving topical cream than this is the best product i've tried. I do intense weight lifting workouts and this helps me to...

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By: mikeys-thoughts on Mar 24 | Topic Expertise:

The Price and QualityThe first thing I like about Equate Mouthrinse is its more affordable since its the Walmartversion. The quality is just as good in my opinion. I don't...

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