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Delphi And Apollo's Temple
By: ooncha on Apr 04 | Topic Expertise:

I went to Delphi as part of a school summer program and out of all the towns and cities I've visited, Delphi is my most...

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Jetblue Is The Only Way
By: ooncha on Apr 02 | Topic Expertise:

You've heard how Jetblue are cheap and won a number of awards but you're still aren't sold to actually fly with them? Well let me...

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September Snow   The World After Global Warming?
By: ooncha on Apr 06 | Topic Expertise:

I've never picked up any book that I didn't like. So I guess I'm pretty good at getting good books. I walked by Borders and...

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Fender's Best Beginner's Guitar!
By: ooncha on Mar 28 | Topic Expertise:

Everyone wants to play guitar! So for my birthday, my friends got me a gift card to Guitar Center. I quickly used it to get...

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I Left My Heart In San Francisco!
By: ooncha on Apr 13 | Topic Expertise:

Ok, I actually live here for about 3 years so far and since it's a very popular tourist site I will do a review of...

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Best Way To Learn To Cook!!!
By: ooncha on Apr 03 | Topic Expertise:

As a young student, my cooking skills is very limited. And I knew that my cooking barely ever ended up tasting very nice. That is...

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Turn Your 9 5 Job To 4 Hours Per Week!
By: ooncha on Apr 06 | Topic Expertise:

I bought this book out of curiosity, and plus the cover and title really caught my eyes! The author is one smart and lucky fellow!...

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By: ooncha on Oct 28 | Topic Expertise:

Folks, I've tried so many anti-whatever programs and we all know how dangerous it can get out in the internets(making fun of Bush here). But recently, on my new laptop...

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Jack Johnson's Sleep Through The Static
By: ooncha on May 26 | Topic Expertise:

I'm a fan of Jack's music, and everyone has been talking about how "different" his new album 'Sleep Through the Static' is compared to his...

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Cape Cod's Cranberry Treat :
By: ooncha on Jun 15 | Topic Expertise:

The Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Frog is a milk chocolate candy filled with caramel, cashews, and dried cape cod grown cranberries. I thought they would...

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