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Home Interiors Framed Art Prints
By: Gayle Parks on May 29 | Topic Expertise:

When I was a young wife just starting a home I wanted to decorate with pretty art prints but could not afford any of the...

Type: Product Review | Category: General Decor | Rating:
Automatic Rake
By: Gayle Parks on Aug 26 | Topic Expertise:

As a cat lover and owner I am always on the look out for new products that will make the cats-in-the-house situation better, cleaner and...

Type: Product Review | Category: Pets | Rating:
Skechers Premium Womens Sport Shoe
By: Gayle Parks on Jul 18 | Topic Expertise:

Anyone who stands on their feet all day knows the importance and value of a good pair of shoes. I certainly do. I spent 20...

Type: Product Review | Category: Fashion & Clothing | Rating:
Dried Spices
By: Gayle Parks on Nov 18 | Topic Expertise:

No doubt, you have heard many a TV chef rant about using only fresh herbs and spices in your cooking. In many cases fresh may,...

Type: General Article | Category: Food & Drink
Grace Of My Heart: Movie Soundtrack
By: Gayle Parks on Jun 11 | Topic Expertise:

The music on this soundtrack is from the movie Grace of My Heart which was unofficially and very loosely based on the life of singer/songwriter...

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Labrador Retriever: Best Loved Dog
By: Gayle Parks on Nov 01 | Topic Expertise:

Americans love their pets and no pet is more esteemed than the dog. In fact, a 2007 report by the American Veterinarian Medical Association found...

Type: General Article | Category: Pets
Goody Ouchless Pony Tail Bands
By: Gayle Parks on May 02 | Topic Expertise:

Who would have thought they could improve a rubber band. Well, they did...at least as far as using them to hold your hair in place....

Type: Product Review | Category: Beauty & Grooming | Rating:
By: Gayle Parks on May 26 | Topic Expertise:

Not having a garage is really inconvenient at times and for most of the 18 years we lived on our little acre in Texas we didn't have the luxury of...

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Stuffed Stockings
By: Gayle Parks on Dec 21 | Topic Expertise:

Gift giving can get expensive, especially if you have a large extended family. There are ways, however, to cut back on all the spending and...

Type: General Article | Category: Holidays, Parties & Events
By: Gayle Parks on Oct 14 | Topic Expertise:

When I was a kid every body knew about Timmy. Timmy lied. He lied about big things. He lied about small things. If Timmy said it was raining outside you...

Type: General Article | Category: Dating, Relationships & Family
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