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By: Peter Ejtel on Apr 24 | Topic Expertise:

I purchased the Lexus IS350 from Don Valley North Lexus of Toronto, and had my hands on the beauty for almost a year, but unfortunately...

Type: Product Review | Category: Cars & Motorcycles | Rating:
Palm Pre Review   Smart Phone With Apps
By: Peter Ejtel on Nov 08 | Topic Expertise:

I picked up this phone about a month ago now, so I think I've had enough experiences to give this phone a thorough review. First...

Type: Product Review | Category: Mobile | Rating:
Is This A Jet Cockpit, Or A Driver's Seat?
By: Peter Ejtel on Oct 04 | Topic Expertise:

The Mazda RX8, is to me, one of the best "bang for the buck" sports cars on the market today. Ever since I was a...

Type: Product Review | Category: Cars & Motorcycles | Rating:
By: Peter Ejtel on Nov 16 | Topic Expertise:

Having founded 3 Internet Startups during my career, and being in the throes of rebuilding the business model behind my latest, SharedReviews, I thought it would be valuable if I...

Type: General Article | Category: Workplace & Operations
Multiple Flow Wellness Sclerosis Articles
By: Peter Ejtel on Nov 18 | Topic Expertise:

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) has traditionally been thought of as a Neurological disease, but some recent findings may suggest otherwise. It is a debilitating disease that...

Type: General Article | Category: Other Health & Wellness
Search Engine Optimizing Titles On Shared Reviews
By: Peter Ejtel on Mar 12 | Topic Expertise:

Titles are extremely important not only to let readers know about what you’ve published, but also for the long term pageview potential from search engines.There...

Type: General Article | Category: Computers & Laptops
G73j Asus Owned Ive Series
By: Peter Ejtel on Nov 17 | Topic Expertise:

When I started my Internet Startup, I wanted to buy a laptop that would meet my business needs as founder and CEO. This meant something...

Type: Product Review | Category: Computers & Laptops | Rating:
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