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By: poshpost on Feb 25 | Topic Expertise:

Although spas have been sprouting everywhere like mushrooms in our city and the young ones taking on the relaxation treats pretty seriously, there are still many people who dislike getting...

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By: poshpost on Oct 12 | Topic Expertise:

I have invested some money, I think I have already put in about $1, 000 in the PhilamFunds Bond Fund. This kind of unit investment trust fund is invested mostly...

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By: poshpost on Feb 24 | Topic Expertise:

We are soon celebrating my only child's first birthday party. Among the Chinese community where we are, the first birthdays are usually held the grandest. It is not a children's...

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Forced Savings For My Baby
By: poshpost on Oct 06 | Topic Expertise:

We wanted to invest for our baby's future. We don't have much, but with whatever little that we have, we wanted to set aside something...

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By: poshpost on Nov 25 | Topic Expertise:

My friend and I went to the United States a couple of years ago for an event. We took the Philippine Airlines direct flight to San Francisco, which left around...

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Book For Moms, Homemakers, For Women
By: poshpost on Nov 27 | Topic Expertise:

I got the book, Woman First Family Always written by Kathryn Sansone from the Doulos ship book sale for only $2. And I did not...

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Advanced Walker
By: poshpost on Oct 20 | Topic Expertise:

Last time, I shared that my baby has enjoyed the Safety First Lights and Sound Discovery Walker. But now that she is 7 something months...

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Not So Safe Baby Gym
By: poshpost on Nov 07 | Topic Expertise:

My friend lent me her Fisher-Price Patterns, Motion & Music Jungle Gym when my baby was 4 months old. I like the interactivity that it...

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By: poshpost on Jan 20 | Topic Expertise:

Every quarter, we in church get a free copy of MOMS magazine, which is a free publication published by AP Media. It is a ministry magazine for Moms and is...

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By: poshpost on Nov 04 | Topic Expertise:

From where I am, there are international and national banks offering us credit cards. However, nothing still beats the convenience having a credit card from a bank with a local...

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