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Bob Ross Oil Paints
By: scotlas71 on Jul 08 | Topic Expertise:

Oddly enough, these products fall under the subcategory Arts & Crafts which is understandable, but "Toys".....? No, I would not recommend these oil paints for...

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Wwe Micro Aggression Playset
By: scotlas71 on Jul 12 | Topic Expertise:

Being the mother of an " 8 and 3/4 and a half" year old (as my son will tell you), I have discovered that there...

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Yamaha V Star 100 Custom
By: scotlas71 on Jul 03 | Topic Expertise:

My husband was like a child at Christmas when we went shopping for a new car and rode home on our brand new Yamaha V-Star...

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Craftsman Snowblower   Yes, It Blows!
By: scotlas71 on Jul 03 | Topic Expertise:

We inherited this from my mother-in-law, who realized that the climate in Florida is not condusive to needing a snowblower once used in New Jersey!...

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You Don't Want To Be In My Face :
By: scotlas71 on Aug 15 | Topic Expertise:

...................... got2b in your face.................. Pure Intent Clay MasqueIts a terrifying scene in my household every week when I indulge in pampering time. No, not...

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Rock Out   In Your Pj's!
By: scotlas71 on Jun 20 | Topic Expertise:

This has to be the most fun game to play - EVER!!CONTENTSThe complete band set comes with wireless guitar controller, wireless drum kit and a...

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Stop Squinting!
By: scotlas71 on Jul 27 | Topic Expertise:

Thousands of miles away, my mother sat in Glasgow Scotland with her eyes squinted while she tried to make out the cubelike, shadow images that...

Type: Product Review | Category: Computers & Laptops | Rating:
By: scotlas71 on Sep 02 | Topic Expertise:

My husband and I desperately needed a new coffee maker - according to my mother in law upon her last visit.She quickly discarded our old, slow, loud and utterly amazing...

Type: Product Review | Category: Furniture & Appliances | Rating:
By: scotlas71 on Jun 19 | Topic Expertise:

I chose to review this product as it is fresh in my mind - and fresh on my head!!I am not one to use hair products of any kind, strictly...

Type: Product Review | Category: Beauty & Grooming | Rating:
By: scotlas71 on Jun 21 | Topic Expertise:

It was one year ago this month that I was diagnosed as having "significant hypothyroidism" and was first introduced to this prescription, Levothyroxine.Levothyroxine is a generic brand of Synthroid, the...

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