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By: shazipk on Jun 18 | Topic Expertise:

Me and my husband, bought a new house about 2 years ago. Because it was a brand new construction that's why the garden was just...

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Cartier Silver Watch
By: shazipk on Jul 06 | Topic Expertise:

My father in law gifted me the Cartier watch few months ago as a gift. I liked the silver coloured Cartier watch very much.This Cartier...

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By: shazipk on Sep 19 | Topic Expertise:

My husband bought Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh recently. It is hydrating and moisturising lotion and he bought from super store along with the week's...

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Tread Mill Is Really Helpful
By: shazipk on Oct 31 | Topic Expertise:

I Bought roger black tread mill Gold treadmill AG-10302 few months back. My weight was getting really out of control. My body was going out...

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By: shazipk on Nov 07 | Topic Expertise:

I needed a new and good quality laptop . I searched and found Sony on top . Sony is very popular for manufacturing excellent quality electrical items and it is...

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By: shazipk on Nov 10 | Topic Expertise:

I bought my new Panasonic slim line combi microwave oven two years ago when my last National brand stopped working for no apparent reason. Life without microwave is really difficult...

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Dell Is The Best
By: shazipk on Nov 07 | Topic Expertise:

I bought Dell Pentium 4 desktop (8300 series) in the beginning of 2004 . The Dell was offering a very good package deal on Computers...

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Dettol Mold N Mildew
By: shazipk on Oct 23 | Topic Expertise:

It had been a headache for me to keep the shower area free from Molds and fungus. I tried loads of different and variety of...

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By: shazipk on Dec 23 | Topic Expertise:

The 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser is though to be very special because it represents the 50th anniversary of the Toyota. This 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser is impressive, huge and big....

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By: shazipk on Oct 16 | Topic Expertise:

I found new intuition Plus razor on the shelf in the store. I read the details and found some new and different features so I bought to try new intuition...

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