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Aiman Amir's Profile & Statistics

Level 7 Publisher
Name: aiman amir
Birthday: February 26th
Location: Davis, Ca
Industry: Human Resources
Position: Human Resource Manager
Links: Website_32-fp-a73df1a3f314b03123f514529368d209

A happily married, full time working women.

My hobbies include: designing web pages / clothes for friends n relativz,reading,writing poems,watching movies, etc..

Haven't written reviews in life before but SR's brilliant site and my sis motivated me to write something not only to earn some good bucks but to share my self with the great community here . I'm really happy that I joined this great place. Cheers SR!!!

Experience: 22,496
MVP Rank: 66th
Coins: 0
Cash: $0
Accomplishments Writing Quality: 7.8 / 10
Achievements Earned: 0
Challenges Completed: 0
Expert Categories: 1
Withdrawls: $290
Writing Total Published: 37 Product Reviews: 35 Service Reviews: 0 General Articles: 2 Recipes: 0 How To Articles: 0 News Articles: N/A L10 req Essays: N/A L13 req Fiction: N/A L16 req
Feeback Opinions Shared: 0 Suggestions Given: N/A L9 req Critiques Given: N/A L19 req
Activity Comments: 223 Forum Posts: 53 Private Messages: 348 Status Updates: 6
Notoriety Followers: 0 Friends: 689 Partners: 0 Referrals: 0 Reports: 0 Readers Earned: 12,140 Opinions Earned: 1 Critiques Earned: 26 Trophies Earned: 4
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Beauty & Grooming
aiman amir
Level: 7
Badge: Publisher
ExP: 22,496
MVP Rank: 66th
Writing Quality: 7.8
Coins : 0
Cash : $0