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Jennifer Walker's Profile & Statistics

Level 5 Publisher
Name: Jennifer Walker
Birthday: August 10th
Location: Folsom, Ca
Industry: Publishing
Position: Owner/lead writer
Links: Blog_32-fp-262f8b1f2c4a2f2193b0548d474f7fcc Website_32-fp-a73df1a3f314b03123f514529368d209

I am the wife of a cook, mother of a teenager who loves video games, and a lover of Arabian horses, dressage, ballroom, swing, and tango dancing, and writing. I am a full-time freelance writer and editor, President of Your Document Professionals, and my first book, Bubba Goes National, was published in 2010. The sequel, Bubba to the Rescue, is now available at http://shop.twintrinitymedia.com/Bubba-Goes-National-by-Jennifer-Walker-Bub-P.htm.

Experience: 11,557
MVP Rank: 68th
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Accomplishments Writing Quality: 6.9 / 10
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Withdrawls: $32
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Jennifer Walker
Level: 5
Badge: Publisher
ExP: 11,557
MVP Rank: 68th
Writing Quality: 6.9
Coins : 0
Cash : $0