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Motorola W375
By: xenocide on Jul 27 | Topic Expertise:

I recently bought a new phone. Although I thought at some point in time that I wouldn't buy a new phone until I have a...

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The Mouse That Works On Glass!
By: xenocide on Jul 26 | Topic Expertise:

Have you ever tried using an ordinary optical mouse on a black or shiny surface? Somewhat frustrating, huh? Well, here is a mouse that's claimed...

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Ender Will Save Us
By: xenocide on Aug 11 | Topic Expertise:

I'm not the type of person who can enumerate my favorites in a snap, but Ender's Game is definitely, definitely one of my favorite books...

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Ninedays   The Madding Crowd
By: xenocide on Aug 21 | Topic Expertise:

Ninedays is really timeless for me. This album was released years ago, but I still remember the songs, I still listen to it at times,...

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Making April   Runaway World
By: xenocide on Aug 22 | Topic Expertise:

Making April is just awesome!Unlike Ninedays which I've known about for probably eight years now, I've only found out about Making April last year, I...

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