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Local Auction House, Photo Copyright 2011 Zula
By: zula on Dec 02 | Topic Expertise:

Everyone has tossed out what they consider "junk" at one time or another. Often, we give usable items to local Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army stores,...

Type: General Article | Category: Finances
Kodak Easy Share Zoom Digital Camera M753
By: zula on Apr 06 | Topic Expertise:

For the past two years, my husband and I have been using a Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera with dock. It's been a great camera...

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Sleeping Beauty Peanut Butter Glasses
By: zula on Apr 08 | Topic Expertise:

Did you know some peanut butter companies packaged their products in decorative glasses in the 1950's - 1960's? Some of the most collectible glasses were...

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By: zula on Dec 15 | Topic Expertise:

Several days ago, I experienced an encounter with a so-called Nigerian 419 scammer on Facebook. It was an attempt to get money from me under the guise of helping a...

Type: General Article | Category: Computers & Laptops
Antique Possum Belly In The Kitchen
By: zula on Apr 02 | Topic Expertise:

Are you familiar with a possum belly? No, it's not the fuzzy under belly of an opossum. Actually, it is an antique kitchen cabinet named...

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Pure Ice Splash Nail Polish
By: zula on Dec 01 | Topic Expertise:

During a recent shopping trip to Wal-Mart, I spotted a display of Pure Ice nail polish in every color of the rainbow. I love pale...

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Elephant Jumbo Peanut Butter Jar
By: zula on Sep 02 | Topic Expertise:

Have you ever heard of Jumbo Peanut Butter? The peanut butter was marketed by Frank Tea & Spice Company, Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1900's....

Type: Product Review | Category: Furniture & Appliances | Rating:
T Fal 2 Qt Saucepan With Soft Touch Handle
By: zula on Nov 14 | Topic Expertise:

When cooking, I love using good quality cookware. My favorite is a small 1 qt. saucepan, I've used for years. It's perfect, but not big...

Type: Product Review | Category: Kitchen & Bath | Rating:
Shawnee Pottery Salt Pepper Shakers
By: zula on Sep 02 | Topic Expertise:

Today, collecting salt and pepper sets is a popular hobby. Shakers were made by many different companies and in many designs and themes. They were...

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Quality Frames Protect Your Posters
By: zula on Sep 02 | Topic Expertise:

Recently, we purchased some vintage movie posters at an estate sale for resale in our antique business. In order to display the posters, we had...

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