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By: dave on Jul 09 | Topic Expertise:

I just conducted an extensive search for a new car insurance policy and AAA was one of the products in the running. Let me speak to why I chose against...

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By: yogagirl on Apr 11 | Topic Expertise:

As part of my account services with Schools Financial Credit Union, I'm able to make deposits at reciprocal credit unions such as Golden One Credit Union. Today I went inside...

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Key Bank Free Checking
By: baseline on Dec 23 | Topic Expertise:

A few years back, when I turned 18, I ended up feeling compelled to get a bank card. Afterall, everyone seems to have them, and...

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State Farm Protects Our Home Investment
By: alice on Jul 01 | Topic Expertise:

I just received our yearly renewal for our homeowners insurance and was reminded of how great we feel State Farm has been to us over...

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By: ronnidee on Jan 11 | Topic Expertise:

I received my pre-approved offer for Total Visa Card by Plains Commerce Bank late last year. Having previously discarded all of my credit cards, I decided to fill out the...

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By: alexsandralyn on Feb 19 | Topic Expertise:

For the last several years, I have used the IRS website to help me find a company that offers free electronic federal tax return filing. For the first few years,...

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By: Lena Christine on Mar 14 | Topic Expertise:

Because of some bad credit history thanks to the Federal Education Department opening a bank account has been one heck of a task for me in the past few years....

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Saving Money On Groceries
By: doraemon on May 22 | Topic Expertise:

With the cost of living continuously going up and wages not keeping up, we must make every Dollar count. A big chunk of our personal...

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By: chenault on Sep 04 | Topic Expertise:

Several Years ago when I was attending Ohio University, I needed a checking account, and I thought I would do business at the Hocking Valley Credit Union because it had...

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By: Cyn Bagley on Jan 21 | Topic Expertise:

This is a cautionary tale of what happens when the IRS decides that you are not paying your taxes.In the early 1990s my husband became a contractor for the military...

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