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Disney Villains Storage Set
By: dsnygrl on Jun 04 | Topic Expertise:

We love Disney and our favorite collectibles are items that depict the Disney Villains. A few years ago, we found this set of Disney Villains...

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The Frigidaire Refrigerator Is The Best Value
By: alexsandralyn on Nov 24 | Topic Expertise:

My new house didn't come with a refrigerator or stove, so I set aside $1, 000 in my moving budget for new appliances and I...

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Command Strips Adhesive Hooks
By: dsnygrl on Dec 02 | Topic Expertise:

We have a new house and I wanted to decorate it beautifully for Christmas but I was forbidden from using nails or staples to hang...

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Tallman Pools   Fiberglass With A Diy Option
By: Clover Bee on Jun 01 | Topic Expertise:

We went through a large remodel of our home and after appraisal of our finished work, we were pleasantly surprised to come out much better...

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Home Depot Designview Faux Wood Blinds
By: dsnygrl on May 04 | Topic Expertise:

When we moved into our house, it was new construction so there were no window treatments. The first thing we needed to buy before we...

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Wilton 3 In 1 Cupcake Carrier And Storage Container
By: alice on Apr 01 | Topic Expertise:

This Wilton 3 in 1 Cupcake Carrier, Cake Caddy and storage container has to be a baker's best friend. I purchased this during the holidays...

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Pampered Chef 2 Qt. Classic Batter Bowl W/Lid
By: alice on May 12 | Topic Expertise:

I have a large, Pampered Chef, glass measuring bowl that I could not do without in my kitchen.This is Pampered Chef item #2230 and it's...

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By: Joan Young on Mar 09 | Topic Expertise:

This cleaning method uses a chemical reaction that can be established with products you already have in your kitchen. It is true that it removes...

Type: General Article | Category: Other Home & Garden
By: Joan Young on Jan 01 | Topic Expertise:

I love this candle holder, and the wind chime is more musical than some inexpensive ones, but it cracked when I burned an actual candle...

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Venetian Plaster, A Diy Way To A Cozy Tuscan Villa
By: Clover Bee on May 04 | Topic Expertise:

My husband and I went through a massive remodeling effort a few years ago. We wanted more space in our home, but didn't want to...

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