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Reviewing: L'occitane Green Tea Solid Perfume  |  Rating:
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Solid perfume is a new thing for me. I’ve never known that there is a solid perfume until I found this product, L’occitane Green Tea solid perfume. I could never imagine before that perfume can be in the shape of solid. And honestly, I like this idea. This solid perfume from L’occitane is nicely packaged with white round-shaped pot. The brand and the name of this product are just neatly and nicely printed at the front. The perfume contains only 10ml, but since I use it not on a daily basis, mine is not wasted off that much. Although the sales girl said that this perfume was for the touch up after we use EDT, I don’t use it that way. For me, I use it for the main perfume, and it’s just great. To apply is very simple. Just put a little of it on the wrists, back of the ears, and in a matter of seconds you’ll get the fragrance. I choose Green Tea variant despite any other variants (there are about 7 or 8 variants I guess) because I think the fragrance is not that strong, but softer. As a matter of fact, I love green tea fragrance! The aroma is also relaxing for the mind and body. I recall that green tea fragrance is used as aromatherapy for many brands. This is exciting! Furthermore, what makes it different from EDT is that solid perfume also contains moisturizer like shea butter, which definitely we won’t find it in EDT or colognes. The fragrance is long-lasting too, it lasts for hours. What’s more, is that it’s very compact that I can put it in my bag and carry it whenever I go. Oh… I just feel !00% purely satisfied with this product!