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100 Waterproof Band Aid !

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I was chopping onions at work the other day and I didn't realize that the knife I was using had recently been sharpened. When we get our knives sharpened at work, they are really very sharp. You only have to touch the blade to your skin and it will cut you.

Now I am rushing to the first aid kit for a band-aid! The kit has the usual brown band-aids that are plastic. Well as you all know we own a restaurant. I constantly have my hands wet from washing dishes or wiping down the tables after I clear them. We have to wash and santize our hands before we put on gloves and after we take them off. So you get the point....I can never keep my hands totally dry all day long. Wearing a band-aid is virtually impossible.

I went to the store after work looking for liquid band-aids. I couldn't find any in stock. I saw this package of "Water Block Plus" band-aids on the shelf. I picked it up and started to read the part where it said "100% Waterproof". Sold!!!

Okay, could this really be true? I gave it a test run as soon as I got home. This package has 30 assorted sizes, well not really assorted....just two sizes: 20 of the 1" x 2 1/2" and 10 of the 3/4"x 2".

They are clear except for the little band-aid part which is brown still. I liked the clear look. It doesn't make it obvious that you are wearing a band-aid. It's easy to apply like any other band-aid. Peel off the paper and put it on your cut. I tested it at home and again the next day.

I would give this band-aid a 5 star rating because it actually stayed on for at least 5 hours through dish washing and table cleanings. I was very impressed. It shielded my cut from water and all the other germy things you come in contact with during a typical day. My cut stayed dry and definately healed faster with this band-aid .

Get some of these and keep them on hand. I will be stocking our first aid kit at work with a couple of boxes!