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10100 Ethernet Fast Switch 24 Port Network

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Ok, I'm going out on a limb with this review because to be totally honest - I know not what I speak of - sort of. Meaning that I haven't got all of the specs on this particular box other than I know what it does and I also know that it does that job very, very well.

This is a 10/100mps Ethernet Fast Switch 24 port box that allows up to 24 different machines to connect through the network to gain access to the internet. Currently we're really not working it to capacity what with only my laptop and my husband's machine utilizing it as well as the main internet line going into it.

This was a gift from my daughter-in-law's parents when she was staying with us. At the time my son needed a way to connect her machine and his to our main router and when she mentioned to her parent's that they were going out to purchase something, her father said to hold off, he had the solution. They forwarded this 24 port unit shortly after and it's been working for my son and his wife for over 2 years now.

When my son prepared to move he decided that they didn't need this Fast switch box any longer and so they gave it to us. It works flawlessly. I am usually always connected to the internet unless I go mobile in which case I'll use my wireless adapter but when stationary I am usually connected to the internet via this Netgear fast switch.

The through put is exceptional with no degradation of speed and never any connectivity loss. It certainly has the capability to wire more than a few machines to it and it was simply a matter of plugging in the internet cables and away we went. No software installation to mess with and an intuitive and easy to operate box that makes connecting multiple machines and switching them quickly - a breeze.

The price for this is approximately $379, although Amazon.com has one like it on sale - marked down from $549! It certainly isn't something we would have bought for ourselves but we are certainly grateful to our son for allowing us to have it and for our daughter-in-law's father to purchase it initially. When he first offered it to us we asked if he shouldn't first offer to return it to his father-in-law. Apparently, no - dad already had one of his own. Cool.

Thus far it has been very dependable (which for me is saying something - ports - me - we don't get along very well) and so far I have no issues using this and it's every bit as fast as if I were connected directly to the router. Good product that I'd recommend to anyone who has a need for several machines to gain access to the net/network at a time.