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12v Car Heater Fan Windscreen Demister By Ring

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By marie17183 on
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I love my car; the only problem with it (as with nearly all old cars) is that the front windscreen demisters do not work properly. I have been using the sponge demister over the summer but it is not practical and quite dangerous to keep wiping the windscreen while you are still driving. I opted for a demister fan/heater that sits on the dashboard and directs hot air at the windscreen.

I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it began to work. It usually takes a few minutes for ordinary demisters to clear the windscreen but this fan cleared my part of the windscreen in about 30 seconds. It also nicely warmed the car up which always takes time with the conventional heaters.

The demister is powered by plugging it into the 12v cigarette lighter socket. It has a pull out arm that you switch to either heater or fan and the option for the LED light to be displayed. I'm not really sure what this function is as a red light will show when the heater is working. Do not use the heater when the engine is not running unless you want a flat battery.

It is comes with a mount that can be attached to the dashboard with strong self-adhesive Velcro so you can be sure that it won't become detached whilst you are driving. The fan unit can then be easily attached and detached from the base. Once attached to the base unit the fan/demister is easily maneuverable.

There are a few limitations. First, it won't demist the whole windscreen; often the passenger side will stay misted until the fan has been working for a long time. If this becomes a problem then swinging the fan around for a minute or so will demist the passenger side.

Second, there are still areas of the driver's side of the windscreen that don't fully demist. This is only a slight annoyance however as these areas rarely obscure view.

Third, the cigarette socket lead sometimes gets in the way of the gear stick. The only way to get around this is to fiddle until it is no longer an inconvenience.

Fourth, the size. It was bigger than I thought it would be. Careful consideration had to be given to the position of the unit on the dashboard so as not to obscure the view whilst still remaining effective as a demister.

And finally, care must be taken when removing the plug. It is VERY HOT when it comes out of the cigarette socket so it cannot be placed on fabric or on plastic until it has cooled down. I usually balance it on something so that the hot end is not touching anything. It is usually a good idea to remove the unit when not in use to avoid curious children injuring themselves or worse.

Despite its downfalls it is a very useful device that I highly recommend if your car demisters are struggling. There is nothing worse than driving in the pouring rain, in the dark and constantly having to wipe the windscreen.