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13 Ghosts On Dvd

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Thirteen Ghosts is a gruesome horror film remake about a man who likes to collect decreased spirits. These are not ordinary ghosts, but some of the most evil ones around. On one day of collection, the man dies, leaving no will. Soon after, distant family is informed that they have inherited his home (and all that comes with it). When they arrive they notice the home is odd, with its glass walls with writing on them, but have no idea what these walls hold. Soon they discover that the house is home to many unhappy haunts, and that their uncle had a plan in them getting the house after all.

I really like this horror movie. Where so many horror films have little to no plot and rely on gore and nudity to entertain the audience, this one actually has a decent plot and several specific ghouls. Each ghost serves a specific purpose and is disgusting in its own right, but all together they are a venerable force from which the family tries to escape. This movie is rated R for violence and horror, and there is also some nudity involved, so this is not suitable for young children.

I think this is one of the better horror movies to have come out in awhile, even though it is several years old now. I haven't seen the original so I don't know how closely it adheres to that, but it is very entertaining.