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13 Going On 30

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Robyn Walker By Robyn Walker on
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It is 1987. Being 13 is not easy. Jenna Rink, whose wish to become 30, comes true. It's not so easy being 30, though, especially when you've made poor choices since you were 13 years old. Going forward in time to change your future maybe harder than she thinks. That statement may not make sense now but when you watch it, it will. 13 Going on 30 will make you focus more on your choices that your make in your life everyday. A bad choice might change the whole outcome of your entire life and those around you.


Rated PG-13

Run time: 98 minutes

Director=Gary Winick=Cast=

* Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink

* Mark Ruffalo as Matt Flamhaff

* Judy Greer as Lucy Wyman

=My opinion=

It is an amazing story. Jennifer Garner is perfect and dazzling for this roll and Mark Ruffalo is equally perfect. Watching this the first time I was enthralled. Being a 13 year old girl once, I too, wished to be older. Getting your wish isn't always as great as it seems. There is something to waiting and learning lessons. I loved the sweetness and innocence of this movie. It is one that I can watch with my young daughter and not be embarrassed. I have recommended it to all my young cousins and they all love it too. All ages can relate. It is definitely a movie you will want to watch over and over and over.