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13 Reasons Why, By Jay Asher

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13 Reasons Why is a book about how a girl committed suicide. Before she does though, she makes a bunch of cassette tapes, and sends them to the people who were part of the reason why she committed suicide. She sends it to the first person, who is obligated to send it to the second after she/he listened to them, and so on and so forth, or the tapes will be displayed in public by a secret source.

I think the girl that took her own life, Hannah Baker, seems really whiny in the book. The plot/storyline was a bit better than ok, buy I really hated Hannah. She seemed to blame everything on other people, and it got to the point where it was annoying. But overall, I think the book was ok. The author didn't go that deep into the characters, but we got a basic picture. I thought that the whole idea of the book was pretty creative. The book showed a good lesson, which taught people that even when you think you didn't hurt someone much, you might have still done a lot of damage.