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1984 Nineteen Eighty Four Review

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By mr77 on
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George Orwell's novell 1984 is easily one of, if not the, greatest novel ever written. Orwell's predictions of a dystopian future where the common man is oppressed by an overbearing government is as amazing as it is haunting as you realize that many of the thing's Orwell predicts are true in modern day society if not to a lesser extent.

The novel begins by following Winston Smith, the novel's protaganist who is supposed to show the life of a typicall person at that time. He work for the government (Big Brother) by burning all newspaper articles from the past that may contradict the present or portray the government negatively. If Big Brother predicts that chocolate will go down in price and instead goes up, all evidence of his former statements must be removed from existance and replaced with statements that agree with the current status. The novel begins to unfold however when Winston buys a small leather journal in a second hand store and takes it home. In his appartment there is a small desk in the corner where the camera can't spot him where he sits and begins to write. What he writes is anti-big brother and is punishable in unspeakable ways.

A story of love, and of hope. Of the struggle between the governement and the indivdual, George Orwell's 1984 is a classic tale that should be read by al.