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1990 Royal Rumble

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Times Have Changed

Those were the days. Muscle Bound Freaks were the center of wrestling mayhem which is very unlike the current days of wwe. I can tell how things have changed in WWE as the wrestlers are not as big muscle wise nor bodyfat wise.

The Way Things Were

You got to remember these are the days of the good guy-bad guy wrestlers totally unlike the WWE Attitude Era of the late 90s when all WWE personalities were mostly bad guys. You look at WWE now there trying to go back to a Good Guy-Bad Guy Approach. The Fans choose this though. I guess the frame of mind is going back Pre-Attitude Era.

Royal Rumble You Say?

For People Who don't know reading this review the Royal Rumble is a wrestling mathc involving 30 wrestlers all total competing against each other in the ring but theres also regular matches involved in the dvd as well. The Royal Rumble for me is the most exciting match in all of WWE. Its still a Pay-Per-View Staple-Point in WWE like WrestleMania is. More about the rules of the Royal Rumble match In the paragraph below.

The Objective of the Royal Rumble Match

The goal of the match is for the wrestler to throw each other over the top rope until theres no wrestlers remaining except 1 who is the winner. The match starts off with 2 wrestlers in the ring who drew #1 and #2, or you might as well say Vince McMahon (WWE Owner) said your the first 2 that start off. Every 2 minutes another wrestler enters the ring until a total of 30 wrestler have entered the ring.

The Main Attraction of the 1990 Royal Rumble

Nobody gets the Cheers from the fans like Hulk Hogan in the DVD. Steve Austin maybe came close to getting cheers like Hulk Hogan but they were so different in style. Thats where you see the change in wrestling fans behavior years later

The American Joke

Dusty Rhodes, the guy who calls himself the American Dream(lol what a joke)dances on the DVD. I can't help but laugh. Were pretty bad off if Dusty Rhodes is the American Dream.

A Legend In the Twilight of his Career

I get to see Andre"The Giant"in his last Royal Rumble Match. A few months later he would retire. Its funny because Andre could just sit in the corner the whole time and the wrestlers probably would not be able to throw him out.

My Highlights of the Royal Rumble Match:

See all the wrestling legends

The Ultimate Warrior who is the great example of someone whos lost his marbles and a guy who looks like he came straight out of a comic book.

Andre the Giant is always a highlight

Hulk Hogan who does interviews better than anybody

Also Other Great Interviews from WWE Personalities such as Jake Roberts and Randy Savage.

Retired Wrestler Jesse Ventura who is a ringside commntator and future Governor of Minnesota

The Charisma of the Wrestlers which was so great at the time.

So many wrestlers who are now dead. Theres too many who have passed away to be a coincidence.

Seeing a wrestler whos still wrestling in WWE today. Can you name him?

Other Matches Besides the Royal Rumble:

The Big Bossman vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggen

This match wasn't a good at all

Ronny Garvin vs. Greg Valentine in a Submission Match.

This match was ok and its the beginning of the use of Submission Matches in WWE. They didn't have the big names in submission matches yet.

The Bushwackers vs. The Rougeau Brothers

The Bushwackers in them selves were entertaining to watch. I hardly even paid attention to the Rougeau Brothers.The Bushwackers looked uglier looking than I could remember, lol. If you have never heard of the Bushwackers think of the 3 Stooges as thats the closest I can compare them to.


I liked the Wrestling Personalities better back then and these wrestlers are the ones who made me a fan of WWE.