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1995 Ford Ranger 4x2 Pickup

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This 1995 Ford Ranger 4x2 4-cylinder truck is the first pickup truck my husband ever purchased. He paid 16 grand for it after financing and convenience charges in 1999. Right now the NADA value is about $3000.

The Ranger is a nice little truck. It's easy on gas and averages about 25 Mpg even today.

We're hanging on to this truck because it has been very reliable with minor maintenance and upkeep.

The cabin is single so at max you can only seat two comfortably. There's not much legroom or storage. However, Ford did a nice job with the dash. All the controls are easily accessible and we have not experienced any cracking or wear even with the Texas heat.

The ride leaves much to be desired. The Ranger sits pretty low so you feel the road, which can be uncomfortable for longer trips.

Towing is acceptable for smaller loads such as our Jon boat. Without four-wheel drive don't put your boat in on a steep or wet ramp. You will end up in the water.

The bed is small but you can haul what you need provided you leave the tailgate down and tie everything in well. Our Ranger has a toolbox so space is cut considerably.

Given our Ranger is a 4-cylinder hills are a struggle. Where we live there are a lot of hills. I can tell you from experience, you really have to get a good start going down if you want to get back up.

This vehicle is by no means a heavy-duty work truck. However, it gets good gas mileage, is easy to work on, and is very reliable. The Ranger makes a nice first truck for a youngster but beyond that you should go bigger.

My husband regrets not getting a 6-cylinder 4x4 with an extended cab, which Ford makes in the Ranger. He's holding onto this Ranger only because it’s good on gas and it's paid for.