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1998 Oldsmobile Bravada Awd Suv

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jacaba88 By jacaba88 on
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Even in the picture you can tell it doesn't hold t

I bought this car for really cheap after accidentally totaling my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer. I actually paid about the same for both cars ($2000). In almost every way I prefer the Mountaineer.

The Bravada just doesn't quite hold the road like the Mountaineer. When you go around turn with any speed you can feel the back tires sliding out and the supposed All-wheel drive that's built in isn't even noticeable.

I go to school in the Mountains and it is terrible in ice or snow, I really have to keep my momentum going or I almost always get stuck.

The car is very comfortable inside though, with heated leather seats that not only warm up extremely quickly but can also be adjusted in whatever way to match your comfort. Also the lights cut on and off automatically which is great for forgetful people like me. The car also has read outs that not only tell you temperature, but also how many miles to empty, your Average gas mileage overall and your instant MPG. The Heater works great, it warms up the entire car in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately the AC is the opposite of this, I find my self relying on the power windows to keep the car cool most days.

The car does get great gas mileage though especially for an SUV. My car has roughly 120, 000 miles on it and still gets 22 MPG on the high way, and 16 in the city. The engine does have some power behind it, I easily accelerate past people going up the mountain. It's got some giddy up for just being a V6.

It's an ok car if your on a budget, but if they are asking for more than 2, 500 and it has over 100, 000 miles on it then you're getting ripped off. The car is great for trips though! It has plenty of trunk space for those weekends away with friends. I recently traveled to Florida with 4 of my friends and the three guys sitting in the back had plenty of room, and we easily fit everyone's clothes and beach stuff in the trunk.

I do not recommend taking this car in any serious off-roading situations! My Mountaineer could tear through almost any mud with it's huge V8 engine finding traction was never a problem, but the Bravada's tires will just spin and spin until you get someone to tow you out.

Overall it's a very moderate SUV for it's time, but for the price I would say it's well worth it. I've owned this car for a little over a year now and I am planning on driving it for at least another 5.