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1999 Nissan Maxima

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By nurneerg on
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My father originally bought this vehicle brand new, then I bought it from him when he was ready to purchase a new vehicle. I have put around 45, 000 miles on the car, and have experienced few issues with it. The paint and exterior finish seem stronger than that of most other vehicles, as Nissan seemed to greatly increase the quality of their paint and finish from earlier model years.

While the car is not sports car fast, it is still quicker than most cars on the road, and has enough power behind it to make me completely comfortable and confident behind the wheel, regardless of whether I'm driving in city or on the highways. Due to this being Nissan's highest end sedan before the Infiniti models, it has quite a few nice features. Everything, including the passenger's side seat, is power operated. The seats are easier to adjust to the driver's comfort than many other cars I have driven or ridden in, as there are not preset locking positions like in non-power assisted vehicles. The engine is tried and true, and has never given me an ounce of trouble. The only non-routine service I've had performed on this vehicle was a starter replacement about 2000 miles ago, when a lawn and leaf bag was pulled up under my engine and wrapped itself around the old starter, causing it to burn out when I tried to turn the engine over again.

The car is incredibly roomy and comfortable, with full leather seats and comfortable seating for five. The sound system is a Bose unit, which, while not a top-end audiophile system, sounds a great deal better than 99% of the other stock systems out on the road, with very strong mids, decent lows, and decent highs. The interior does not feel as cheap as many cars along the same pricing point, and I have had absolutely no issues with anything on the interior falling apart or breaking. In city driving I average slightly above 20 mpg, with highway going up to 27/28. With a near 20 gallon tank, this affords me over 400 miles per average tank of gas, which is quite nice, as I don't need to fill up as often as I have with smaller tanks. If you're looking for a fun car that is incredibly comfortable with many available options, this is a great choice!