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2 Kids, 2 Cameras

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When my mother-in-law volunteered to buy me a new video baby monitor when my second child was born, I hesitated for about half a second. I then jumped online to research what types were available and found this Bebe Sounds unit that features 2 seperate cameras that allows you to watch over two seperate areas. The receiver has the ability to toggle back and forth between the two cameras, and can be set up to switch manually or scan automatically every few seconds. It also has a "night vision" feature.

The receiver runs on recharchable batteries or a wall plug. The directions state specifically NOT to use standard batteries. The upside is that if the unit is plugged in, the batteries recharge IN the unit. For the cameras, you can use either standard or rechargeable batteries as well as the wall plug. RECHARABLE BATTERIES ARE INLCUDED. If you are running the reciever on battery power, using the video does seem to chew up the power pretty quickly, so i tend to only flip the video on when one of my daughters is fussing or if i just want to double check to make sure everything is ok. While i have it plugged in overnight, i just run the video all the time.

A cool feature: templates are included for wall mounting the cameras so that you can put them in a spot for the highest visibility of a room. Not to mention, it doesn't require rearranging the furniture so that you can have a flat surface that allows you to see into a crib or bed.

I have noticed a small amount of static/interference in the video and sound quality, but it is not enough to be a nusience.

The LED indicator lights on the camera are a bit on the bright side. My two year old had a slight bit of difficulty adjusting to them as she prefers her room to be VERY dark.

According to the specs for this monitor, the operating distance is just under 400 feet, 900 mHz, and it is dual channel.

This unit is not available in the stores, but only through Target online.

While pricey, i do think this monitor is a worthwhile investment! It is great to have the extra piece of mind.

Update On Oct 24, 2008: 6 months into use, the plug in portion for the reviever stopped working, so it no longer charges the batteries or runs the unit without batteries. i can charge the batteries in a standard re-usable battery charger, then plug them in for the reciever to work. i still love the monitor, but i am looking forward to the replacement that is being sent out free of charge.

Update On Nov 03, 2009: Update: Nov 3, 2009 I still love the dual camera monitor, but i am noticing that the video seems to get "tired" the picture isn't as crisp as it once was. This is the second display unit, and it just isn't holding up the way i would expect. If i had to do over, i would probably look for a different monitor.