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2000 Chevy Crapalier

Reviewing: Chevrolet Cavalier (Yr. 2000)  |  Rating:
Renee Witgenstein By Renee Witgenstein on
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I am extremely dissatisfied with this car. Please, for your own sake, do not buy a Cavalier.

I purchased this about 8 months ago. I've spent in repairs nearly what i've spent just to buy the car. When I first bought it, I had to replace the spark plugs, valve cover and valve cover gasket. Chump change, but a bad omen from the start.

2 weeks later, I had to replace the A/C system. That cost me almost 700 bucks.

Not far after, The radiator developed a leak. Of course, the reservoirs on the sides of the radiator are plastic, so the Crapalier's radiator is really just a 150-dollar waste of time. Not having the extra to replace the radiator I wound up blowing the engine. (My own fault on that--I should have found a way to come up with the extra to replace that radiator) That was another 1100 (thanks to my dad getting a discount.) I think there's a leak somewhere in the system, because it goes through antifreeze and water both, like i do underwear. I've also had to replace the thermostat three times.

Now, the sensor in the antifreeze tank is bad (I can fill it up and it will still tell me it's empty). I had to replace the fan motor and relay. It still gets hot from time to time, but not often. For some reason, the fan just randomly decides not to come on from time to time. I don't know why. My dad looked at it and he says it's either the computer or the wiring system. Either way It's either going to be highly difficult and/or highly expensive to fix.

There's also a leak somewhere in my windshield wiper fluid system. I can't find it and neither can my dad to fix it. I can fill that up and it's gone within two days. I may never even use it.

Now my taillight is out, so 's my center brake light. The speakers are going out. The paint job is going to crap.

Really, folks, there's always SOMETHING wrong with this car. It does run, it gets me from point A to point B (but the brakes jostle me around everywhere in the meantime). This car is really not worth buying. Take a look and keep moving right along.