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2005 Altima 2.5 S Probably One Of The Best Cars Available

Reviewing: Nissan 2005 Altima 2.5 S Extra  |  Rating:
By oia1994 on
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After a wash

This car is simply AMAZING, I have a family and when looking for a vehicle I look for how spacious it is, the fuel efficiency. This car has both and so much more, it comes with an amazing sound system and its a very nice looking car. when i first saw the car i was comparing it to a 06 Corolla, but after driving the car I was sold, this car has so much leg room, the driver seat it automatic, so no more pulling on a lever to move up or back; in the first week of owning the vehicle it was empty on gas, so when I went to fill up the tank, I noticed a significant difference it was a lot cheaper than my older minivan. I don't mean $5 or $10, it was $25 cheaper, my old minivan could only get about 150 miles from a full tank, but this Altima, it could easily get 400 miles each tank, I could go 2 weeks on 1 fill up, all in all this vehicle is actually very amazing, it has everything and anything a family could be looking for in a vehicle, even my son (17 years old) loves driving the car because of it amazing stock stereo system and the power of the stock engine and most of all he likes it because no matter where he goes, the most gas that he will have to put into the car is about $10 worth and that's if he was driving out-of-town. amazing car, most cars have advantages on the older models because they're newer and they have been changed to help the car's sales, to make it more efficient, but my brother bought a 2006 Altima shortly after I purchased mine, he's was an amazing car, but none the less it wasnt better than mine, it felt smaller and it definitely only got about 250 miles to the tank, it wasnt as good of a car, and after my son had a look at it because it had a "Bose" audio system in it, and my son found that the only "Bose" thing about the audio system was the deck in the vehicle and no speakers were "Bose" they had the same speakers as my vehicle did and my car audio system definitely had more bass then my brothers car, if I had to rate both vehicle's I would give mine a 4.5 because nothings perfect, and I would give my brothers a 3.5, newer doesnt neccesarily mean better.