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2005 Gym Pro Solid As A Rock

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theuniguy By theuniguy on
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About a year ago i managed to get a relatively new home gym machine from a family friend, at a bargin price of just $50. At the time, the machine was worth well over $400 or $500, and if bought new i believe this figure would have been higher. Due to weighing in excess of 200kg with weights, the machine is best to be moved once disassembled, so all instructions and guides on assembly should be kept. Taking up about 3m by 2m of space, and being quite large, the machine will take up a major percentage of any bedroom, and should for ease sake be kept in a sports or lounge room.

The machine it's self has inexcess of 12 exercises that can be performed, some of which include lap pull down, bench press and leg presses. As seen in the image, the machine allows for other exercises such as situps and chinups, where using the weights on the machine isn't necessary. With that being said, the machine holds 120kg of weights, and through the different pullies this probably equates to 70 or 80kg.

The machine is very strong and all cables are covered by a black plastic to stop any rubbing or unwanted scratches when moving from exercise to exercise. As well as this, all bolts have a rubber jacket, aswell as carefuly placed thick pads that aid in making the exercises more enjoyable.

A few minor negatives about the machine includes the pins that need to be removed in order change between exercises. These pins are easy to lose and should have been incorporated to the design, or at least have a bag that stays attatched to the piece of equiptment it's self.

No matter what you decide, fitness and health is of major importance in any person's life, and should be addressed sooner rather than later, so in that case, get a gym set, you will feel better for it.

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