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2005 Honda Rincon 650

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Ryan Calvano By Ryan Calvano on
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Automotive 650 2006 Honda 2005

My parents purchased this atv in the summer of 2009. It had low mileage and came with a slightly used set of Mudlight tires. They purchased the ATV so that we could go on weekend rides with mine and my parents friends. We all enjoy going through mud holes, and while all my my friends were getting stuck, the rincon went through everything with ease. The power is what you would expect from a 650. I don't really care for the look of the Rincon, as i find it somewhat awkward looking. But thats just my opinion. It is not overly powerful, but it more then what i would ever need. I am starting to think that the previous owner rode it really hard and didn't maintain this atv as much as he should of. Because I've ridden many other rincons of the same year, and comparing it to mine, they felt much smoother and way more responsive then the one we purchased. The throttle on mine seemed to lack the kick that the others had. But thats what you get when you buy used right? I really liked the sound of the rincon though, and it really purrs at high speeds. We've done a lot of yard work with it and pulling heavy things like giant logs and piles of durt that most people use trucks for, and the rincon got the job done with little to no effort. Its not much of a trail atv though, but the independent suspension soaked every bump up and made for a really smooth ride and made hours of riding comfortable ride at any speed. Since it does have the oversized aftermarket mud tires, the handling isn't as great as it would be without them, but is still surprisingly very easy to handle and to steer through rough terrain. The reliability was still there, and even though not being as snappy as it should be, it still hasnt had any problems, which is what you get when you pay for a honda. Id really recommend this ATV to anyone that wants a large cc ATV, and that plans on using it as a work horse, a mudding quad, or any other thing you'd want with a big engine. But If all you want is a smooth atv for getting you around and for a little fun, id really recommend the honda Rubicon or Rancher. Both excellent reliable ATVs.