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2006 Honda Rubicon 500

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Ryan Calvano By Ryan Calvano on
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Honda Atv Rubicon Automotive 2006

My parents purchased this ATV last summer so that they could ride around the trails at camp, and to get to and from a secluded beach that was only accessible by ATV. They purchased it for around 5000 canadian i believe, im not exactly sure. Yet it seemed to be a very good deal as it came with a winch and plow. And since i live in northern ontario the plow became very handy in the winter time. In the summer my parents did use it, but lets just say i was riding it most of the time.

I'd like to start off with how weird the engine sounded. The sound was almost electronic, and i never really did do my homework to find out why the engine made such a noise. But oh well, its the performance that counts right? The throttle was pretty responsive, probably a little better then most 500 utility atvs. Its handling was very nice, and very easy to control. Breaks are excellent and perform very well. I really liked the suspension and i felt very comfortable even at high speeds. The rear swing-arm suspension was nice and performed well, but wasn't ideal for rough terrain as i did plow this thing through a few rough mud holes. The power is there and i myself have used it to pull a utility trailer that was pilled with crap, and the rubicon seemed to pull it with ease. We purchased the ATV from a guy who ran it on a bunch of roads, and the tire tread is pretty warn down, but i seem to enjoy it when whipping it around corners. My parents friend purchased the same ATV, and put a set of SwampLight tires on his, and we've tried time and time to get him stuck, but it seems to be impossible. So if your looking to do a lot of rough mud riding, this ATV does do the job.

Another great feature on this atv is the GPS. Its as simple as hitting a button every so often, so that on your way back from a long trail ride, you can simply look at the screen, and head in the direction of the markers that you set. Its really saved me from getting lost many times. I also really like the ESP ( electronic shift program) that allows you to shift gears if you want. This is nice if your towing something, or going through some tough terrain, as it allows you to slowly plow through anything in your way in a low gear.

In the winter time and when it comes time to attach the plow and do the driveway, my father and i always seem to never want to quit. We feel the need to go door to door asking if they want there driveway plowed, as it is just so much fun to use. Doing the driveway after a huge snowstorm is effortless and it does a lot nicer of a job then any snowblower. But my favorite feature on this ATV is that its a HONDA. It is extremely reliable, and after all the stuff i've put it through and after all the mileage, it has yet to breakdown and nothings gone wrong with it so far.

I would recommend this ATV to anyone. It gives you all the power needed, rides great and can fly through trails, mud holes, and can push and pull anything. It would do the perfect job on any farm. You can put it through anything and if you keep up the low required maintenance, you will be driving it for a very, very long time.