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2007 4 Door Honda Civic

Reviewing: Honda 2007 Civic Lx (4 Door)  |  Rating:
By sam1138 on
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I wouldn't trade this car for a Lambo!

This car has the highest miles per gallon I've seen on a non-hybrid. (30 city/40 highway). I can take four hour long trips and still have half a tank when I get there. It has a small fuel tank, so it only costs about $18 (right now) to fill it up.

This car is a Honda, so you can expect it to be very high quality. The inside interior doesn't have that cheap plastic look a lot of other cars do. And if there's ever a recall on a part, they are happy do fix it for free. The only thing I've ever had a problem with is the front-right tire. I've had to replace it twice. I don't know if this is from the rim, the tire, or my reckless driving. Honda's also have a huge resale value. I've seen a few on the lot that were used that were more expensive than mine was new.

This car has some junk in the trunk! The rear end of the car looks short, but the trunk is HUGE. The back seat also folds down so one can have even more room. I have hauled a lot in this car. Right now, I have a full drumset, a decent size guitar amp, and room for one more person.

Comfort is probably the biggest downfall of this car. It rides a little rough. The front head rests don't tilt, so you have to lean your seat back more than normal for your head to rest on it comfortably. But other than those two things, this car is quite comfortable. There's plenty of leg room. It can also carry three passengers very comfortably.

I don't think I have ever felt more safe in a car. There are airbags everywhere on this thing. It has the door side ones that protect from side collisions. Most cars have a seat belt warning that beeps a couple times and then leaves you alone. This car's alert will keep beeping until your seat belt is on. It also beeps if your front passenger isn't wearing his or her seatbelt. Some people find this annoying, but it almost forces you to wear a seatbelt, which in the long run is pretty cool.

I consider myself somewhat of an audiophile. The sound system was one of the major factors I considered when buying this car. There are no preset equalizer settings, but you can adjust the bass and treble. This doesn't seem like a lot, but most songs sound just fine without any equalization. The bass is also a little funky. It's not that thumping bass you can hear from six blocks away, it's more of a pure bass. The fact that the CD player can also play .wma and .mp3 files is also a major plus. There is also a auxilery in so you can plug in an mp3 player with an 1/8" cable.

The first thing that really turned me on to this car was how beautiful it is. It really has a unique design. The interior is beautiful. The gauges have a very unique digital readout, which gives it a futuristic look. My friends call it the spaceship car because of this.

Overall, I think this is my dream car. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like navigation or powered seats, but everything it does have is top notch. I love this car.