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2007 Ford Focus Se: My Luxurious Economy Car

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I had been debating for awhile over whether to buy a $26, 000 or more convertible, which I love driving but they're not very practical, or to be practical with my money and buy a reliable $16, 000 or less economy car. The practical side of me won out, and I went to the Ford dealership to test drive the 2007 Ford Focus.

September is a good time of year to get a good deal on "last year's model" because the 2008 models are starting to arrive in October of 2007, and the dealers are more eager to unload their remaining 2007 inventory. Ford was offering a cash rebate incentive and low interest financing incentive at the time, which I could easily discover at www.edmunds.com as well as get a good idea of what the MSRP sticker price would be.

Now the basic no-frills 2007 Ford Focus model was only about $14, 500, but it was the most bare-bones vehicle I've ever seen. No cruise control, no air conditioning, no CD player... I'm not THAT frugal! But the showroom demo model, now that was a sweet 2007 Ford Focus SE, and the car I ended up buying. The sticker price was $18, 500, but it had all leather seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel, and I LOVE leather. It was no convertible, but it had a moonroof that I could open with the touch of a button to get that wind in my hair. It came with cruise control, air conditioning, a CD/MP3 player, alloy wheels, and a tachometer, which really doesn't mean anything when you have an automatic transmission, but it makes my car dashboard look cool, and stroking my vanity wins points. Oh, I was already in love with that car, and the salesman didn't even know it yet.

But the practical side of me won out again, and I used my most skeptical attitude while I combed through every annoyance and irritation I could think of when it came to cars. Was there enough leg room in the back seats for my long legs when the front seat was all the way back? Plenty. What about trunk room? I have to cart a kid back and forth to her college dorm, which means I have to somehow fit her entire bedroom of belongings into my car or rent a U-haul. The back seats fold down easily for extra trunk space. And as an added bonus, the rear seats come with two infant carrier seat belts for those grandchildren I'm certain will be arriving within the next few years.

What about seat firmness? I love the soft-cushioned fanny comfort of the Chevys, but they're hard on my lower back if I'm taking a long drive. But the Fords are usually hard on my fanny even though supportive of my spine. The 2007 Ford Focus has three different seat adjustments that I just love: the front to back adjustment for leg length, an angling seat back adjustment for upper spine support, and a height adjustment in the driver's seat for optimum lower spine support. Ah, I'm in heaven. And not only do I have a tilt steering wheel, it's a telescoping tilt wheel so I can bring the steering wheel closer to me instead of having my arms uncomfortably outstretched when I drive.

And all of this luxury is in a comparatively cheap economy car? I never would have believed it. But I totally love it.

The gas mileage that I get is a respectable 22 mpg in the city, and about 33 mpg on the highway. The 2007 Ford Focus SE is a little too lightweight for the deep lake effect snows that we get in northern PA, and it was hard to get good road grip sometimes. I chose Silver for my car color because it doesn't show the dirt and road salt as easily as the other offered colors do, but I'm already a little bored with the blandness of that color in the unibody design. The 2007 Ford Focus SE has a 3 year/36, 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and a 5 year/60, 000 mile drivetrain warranty. That's not the best warranty offered in the business, but that's only one factor to take into consideration when deciding on a new car.