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2007 Ford Mustang V6

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By tremere613 on
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I was dreaming of this car ever since the 2005 model came out, and let me tell you that it blew me away. My first thing i noticed with this car is the acceleration, its 4 liters and you will feel it. At 210 horsepower you can pass the "so called" sports civics and what not but the luxury cars will beat the crap out of you(most luxury cars are 230hp and up). But what this car doesn't make up for in performance it does with style. There is NO car out their at this moment that you will mistake this car for. Its unmistakable, this car is beautiful. The interior is a bit lacking i must say it does have a cheap plastic-y feel especially if you don't have the chrome trim. The seats are gonna surely take some time to get used to especially shorter drivers, and the taller drivers claim they hit the roof, so i guess ford was a bit confused when it came to seat positioning. But overall I'm very happy with this car, every time i look out the windows and see it or take it for a weekend spin a big grin appears on my face ; )......

another thing i d like to mention before i conclude....this car is the poor mans sports car....i know allot of my problems i have with performance could have been dealt with by just buying the GT model...but if your short on cash and love American muscle this is your car. Not to mention the upgrade-ability of this car, just scour the web you'll see tons of web sites dedicated to modifications. I love this car and so will you.