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2008 Topps Rookie Progression Football Cards, Yuck

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I collect a lot of things involving sports, especially trading cards. The new 2008 football cards have already begun hitting the market and one of the first sets of the year is Topps Rookie Progression football cards. While Topps is the oldest name in trading cards I was rather disappointed with their first set of the year.

The nice things about this set are that they are affordable as far as football cards go. You can get them for $2.99 a pack or buy a retail box of 10 packs for $19.99. Topps also makes it very easy to get all of the cards including the rookies. Some brands only put a few rookies in each box, but with these Topps cards you can pull rookies very easily. The rookie cards also show the players in their college uniforms which some people really like. Also, they did include all the star players as well as some legends such as Joe Montana and Dan Marino.

My disappointment came in a few ways. First, this was a brand new set for Topps but basically they just took an old set, Topps Rookie Draft Picks, and changed the name. Second, the cards are ugly. They have an awful teal background and various colored tops. They show the player but no real football scenes behind them. Third, and what disappointed me the most, was that there are very few inserts. Insets are cards that are only put in certain packs and the odds of getting one are much greater than getting any regular card. In two boxes I only received 4 inserts. This is a very low number even for the Topps brand. Also, the inserts were nothing more than a parallel version of the regular cards. They were just thicker with a different background. In many Topps sets you get one of these parallel cards per pack so to get only 4 total was horrible.

While they are fairly cheap and one of the first to hit the stores in 2008 I wouldn’t recommend buying these cards. There are much better products out there for appearance and quality. People who collect cards really want the inserts because that is what has the potential value. This product really offers very few. For people who like getting all of the different brands for a particular team or player I would suggest just buying the individual cards you want rather than wasting your money buying boxes or packs of these cards.