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2009 Is New Calendar Time!

Reviewing: Disney / Tim Burton Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas 16 Month Calendar  |  Rating:
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Everyone has a different relationship with calendars. Some like the tear-off day by day kind. Some like the kind that just have pretty pictures to stare at. Some like functional wall calendars that give you tons of space to write and helpful information like holidays and phases of the moon. As a fan of near obsessive compulsive organization this calendar is a dud. As a fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas it is a joy of joys!

Why? Printed on a black background, you will probably not be able to see anything you write on this calendar. Not exactly sure why they did that. I suppose you could use a gel writer pen in a flashy neon color, but I would guess it might smudge on the slick surface. The boxes for the dates are a dark charcoal in color with the dates printed in a funky white font. Major holidays and moon phases are included, also in white. The boxes are also only maybe an inch deep by 2 inches wide. Typically a calendar format is top half picture, bottom half dates. In this design the top picture comes down a third into the bottom section. On top of that, the bottom third of that same section is the previous and next months dates as well as more images. That leaves only 1/3 of the space for the featured month's dates and your personal graffiti in them.

Now that the anal portion of the review is complete, I'll tell you why this thing ROCKS! Like I mentioned, images cover about 5/6 of the calendar's real estate so you get larger than life images of all your favorite NBC characters, scenery and goofy/creepy accents. The illustration style is very 3 dimensional not at all flat and cut out looking. While these aren't movie stills, you will get the feeling of the items and personalities in real 3-d space. As an artist/animator I spent a good long time staring at the illustrations trying to figure out what it was about them that made them so compelling..... you really won't be disappointed with these images on your wall!

If you are a Tim Burton fan, a Halloween fan, a Disney fan or just looking for a different tool to contend with the relentless marching of time you will love this calendar!