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2010 Honda Insight Hybrid

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tuckersher By tuckersher on
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I bought a 2010 Honda Hybrid Insight and I love it. This car has so many cool features. The Honda Hybrid Insight runs off a special battery that saves on gas. One bad thing with this car is if the battery goes bad it will cost $1, 800 to replace. The battery in this car is unique because when you are not pushing on the gas while the car is on and pushing on the break the whole car shuts off and the battery charges and helps you save on gas. This hybrid is also a very quiet car which is really nice because I hate loud cars. This car gets about 45 to 50 miles to the gallon depending on how you drive it. It also has a economy button that helps you save on the environment. How awesome is that! I also bought this car with with a navigational system in it. This way I can never get lost and if I don't know where something is I can just type in where I want to go and it will tell me exactly where to go. This Navigation has options where you can have the voice activation on it tell you were to go or you can turn off the voice activation and follow the arrows. It also has Bluetooth built into the navigation where you can talk to someone right through your speakers. This way you can talk through your car without having to drive and have your cell phone up to your ear. I am able to concentrate on the road better and have both hands on the steering wheel while on the phone. The car looks small on the outside but is quite roomy. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a good car that saves on gas and money.