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20 Q Handheld Game

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The first time I played this 20Q game I freaked out a little. I actually thought it had cheated by having a hidden microphone somewhere on it and had heard the word I was thinking of! I was just looking for an excuse of why I lost! I did it a few more times without saying a word to anyone and it still figured out the word I was thinking of.

20Q is an awesome game. It's really fun the first time you beat it, but it took a while before I stumped it. You really have to think of something obscure to win. It is a great game to have around during holiday parties or get togethers with friends. It got passed around alot at our family Christmas get together. Now, I have one, my cousin has one, and my in-laws have one!

This version of 20Q is great for traveling in the car and plane. It is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. The only bad thing is that you can not turn it off, you have to wait for it to turn itself off. Also, if you hit it on something in a bag it can turn on out of nowhere. It is nice that you can turn the sound off. I can play it without bothering anyone else. The sound effects are not that great anyway.

The basics idea of this game is to think of a word you don't thin the game can figure out. It can be anything...object, place, or even an emotion. The game will start asking you questions. You can answer yes, no, unknown, or not sure. The game will continue asking you questions until it thinks it has figured it out or has reached its 20th question. If it gets to 20 and you say it is incorrect, it will ask you up to 5 more questions before it gives up and you win.