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24 Hour Allergy Long Lasting Allergy Relief

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I hate being allergic to pollens, pet dander and just anything that is in bloom or in my neighborhood that causes my allergies to act up. I have tried everything over the counter and even though the Pharmacist always recommends Claritin, it just doesn't work for me.

So my sister had given me Alavert years ago and I always go back to it. I have tried the 12 hour D (D-12), but really prefer the 24 hour melt in your mouth tablets. Actually, the 24 hour ones come in a large pack of 48, so they last me for a while. I put a few in my purse, some in my makeup bag and the rest in our medicine cabinet.

I don't take allergy meds every day, but probably 4 times per week and when I can't stand being stuffed up any longer. For me, Alavert works and if you've tried other decongestants or allergy medicines and still have problems, give this a try. I also don't get drowsy when taking them, like I do when I take Benadryl.

You can go to alavert.com and even put in your zip code to check the allergy rating for today and the next few days. They also have coupons available on the website, so that will help in giving these a try.

The best thing about these is that you don't need to take them with water or any other liquid and they melt very fast. The taste is not bad in my opinion and is a little sweet.

Update On Mar 24, 2010: Alavert is still the only allergy medicine that seems to work for me. I always make sure to keep a few in my purse, just in case. They normally begin showing effects in reducing my allergy congestion and coughs within 30 minutes.

Update On Apr 03, 2010: We went to The Story of Jesus last night, which is a Passion Play on the life of Jesus Christ. The event was held inside of a rodeo arena and they had lots of live animals. Of course I forgot about this effecting my allergies until about 30 minutes into the show and my nose started to itch tremendously. I fortunately had 1 of these melt in your mouth tablets in my purse and immediately took it. Within 20 minutes my symptoms subsided and I was able to continue throughout the 3 hour performance.

Thanks Alavert for helping me breathe so much easier! And I know because of these 24 hour tables, I am able to still breathe today.

Update On May 22, 2010: I really like how fast these tablets work for me. I took one this morning and within 10 minutes my allergies were no longer bothering me. Very hard to concentrate on things when you keep coughing from post nasal drip. I am so glad these work fast.

Update On Jun 25, 2010: With the high pollen counts lately, I have been taking at least 3 of these tablets a week. I am very happy in the fact that they work within 30 minutes for me!

Update On Aug 07, 2010: It seems everyone is suffering with allergy problems lately and thankfully I purchased more Alavert to keep on hand. It works within 20-30 minutes for my friends too that I have given them to. This is great stuff and acts fast. I do, however, need to go buy some more because I keep giving them away.