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24 The Game

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By Tanner Rose on
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24 The Game was a solid shooting game. It had 30 or so different missions to complete, which really didn't make it take very long to beat the entire game. And unfortunately, once you beat the game you had a few videos and some character bios to look, and nothing else. One problem with 24 was its generic you died screen. When you lose a level for any reason, it starts you over. You'd think that the creators of the game could try something a little more original than that. An open-ended storyline would've been great, but 2K kept it simple and boring.

The shooting in 24 was nothing outstanding, just simple cover, auto aim, fire. In harder modes, you had to aim for yourself, which added a bi more difficulty to it. There were health packs and body armor pickups along the way making the first levels impossible to lose in. One nice thing was that 24 didn't allow you unlimited ammo, sometimes forcing you to go to hand-to-hand combat.

The graphics were nice, with few complaints, but I was hoping for better explosions and gunshot wounds, since 24 The Show is very much intense like that.

24 also through in car driving missions, which was a good idea that was disastrous. For one thing, I could take my compact car, hit a truck head on at full speed, and suffer little to no damage, but if an attacking car rammed just a couple times, I was totaled. Another problem was that AI civilian cars often went onto the wrong side of the road and acted quite stupidly. And stealing cars was a no-no, as the other cars in the game had no physics whatsoever; just stay in your car if you want working brakes.

And one last note before my conclusion, this game should be rated T, not M. There's very little blood, and no excessive cursing. ESRB screwed up on this one.

24 is an average shooting game, a terrible driving game, and a game without a very good storyline. Bargain bin pickup at best.