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2.4ghz Wireless Video Camera

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A couple months ago I was interested in a micro wireless video camera to use on my RC helicopters and airplanes. A short search and I ended up at Raidentech, and there was a 2.4ghz micro wireless camera and receiver for $80. After $10 shipping the total came out to $90, and I bought it.

(Note that these days the camera prices have dropped to around $40-50)

A little bit later a small package arrived at my doorstep. Upon opening the box I was greeted by a tiny video camera, a little smaller than a 1-inch square box. Then there was the receiver, slightly bigger than a deck of cards. Under those were a battery adapter for the camera (to use 9v batteries), the video/audio cables for the receiver and two AC to DC adapters for the receiver and the camera.

I decided to test it out, so I plugged the battery adapter into the camera, and plugged in a 9v battery to the adapter. One of the AC to DC adapters went into the wall socket, and I plugged the receiver into that. The video/audio cables plugged into my TV to the receiver, and I was set! The whole process of hooking the wires together was very easy and took less than 5 minutes.

So now was the moment of truth - I turned the TV on, and flipped to the proper channel. The video was static, so I turned the tuning knob on the receiver until it cleared up - and the video image was perfect! I played around with that for a while, then went across my house and saw that it worked perfectly well.

For most of you, this would be a great camera, it works well if you use it like this. However, I intended this for RC use, so my next task was to run the camera while the RC radio is on. The problem is, the radio I use to control my RCs transmit at 2.4ghz, and the camera does so too! I didn't know what would happen, so I did a range check with the camera and the radio, and found the radio had a range of only around 20 feet, and the video quality from the camera was very bad. Looks like I cant use the camera with my 2.4ghz radio.

Overall, for general purposes, this camera is excellent. It provides great quality audio and video, with good enough range for just about everyone. It is definitely an excellent deal at $40 (even though I bought it for $80!). You can also get the camera on several different sites like XHeli, Nitroplanes, and Ebay.