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26' Retractable Leash For Dogs

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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When walking my dog I like to keep her on a leash so she does not get loose amid traffic. Anyone who trys to walk a dog on a standard leash will tell you they generally do not give the dog enough slack to really run and have fun. Pet owners would also tell you about the dog getting tangled up in its own leash or worse it wraps around one's legs causing one to fall. So I like to use a retractable leash that Wal-mart sells. Its the 26' Retractable Leash

for Dogs who are 26-44 lbs. You can get these leashes for small dogs and larger dogs that weigh over 100 pounds.

One can also buy these retractable leashes in different lengths depending on how far you let your dog go. They generally come in lengths of 16 to 30 feet.

Retractable leashes take the hassle out of walking my dog and makes it a very enjoyable experience. This leash comes with a lock on it to allow you to stop the dog from getting to far ahead. It stops the dog from running toward strangers or other cats and dogs that you may encounter while out for a walk.

This leash comes with a safety loop to keep it from flying back and hitting the owner in the face. If yours comes with a loop use it or be very careful if it does not come with a safety loop. Read all instructions before using one of these leashes.

Overall, I like these leashes as they are good quality and durable.