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27 Dresses A Complete Chick Flick

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By niko on
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Full review Well anyone who sees this movie will know that this is a complete chick flick. The story is damn nice, touching and a romantic comedy.The story starts with Jane, who has always been good at taking care of others, but not after herself. Her entire life, she has strived to make people happy, the proof? She had become a bridesmaid 27 times in her entire life, for her friends, but still she herself is not yet married.

Well Jane is madly in love with her own boss. But she is somehow unable to tell him about it. And to make matters worse, her younger sister arrives in town. The younger sister inturn falls in love with Jane's boss and they two are about to get married. This makes Jane even more depressed and as usual, she shows that she is very much happy for her sister. A ambitious Journalist is covers the wedding for a newspaper and Jane and he become good friends. And perhaps the story even get further.