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2 Wire 2701 Hg B Gateway

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This Gateway is an overall great investment. It does what you need it to, with minor let downs.

Speed 3.8

Speed got a 3.8 for a couple reasons. First of all, The router only does 54mp/s. This is a little bit lower than wi-fi standards today. The Gateway gets both Wireless Standards, B and G. It's lack of Standard N makes it a little bit slower. Also, this gateway, although having medium speed on Wi-Fi, has a pretty standard speed levels with the Hard-Wired connections (Ethernet plugged). With hard wired connection, the gateway had an exceptional amount of speed increase. This may be caused by the gateway's lack of external antenna, but overall, a hard wired connection is your best bet with this gateway.

Reliability 4.5

The 2701 HG-B gets avery high score on reliablity mostly because it has mostly never done anything I didn't tell it to do, and the firewall levels on it are amazing. Although a couple of the router's terms used in the control panel could be adjusted to more standard terms, the gateway gives an amazing amount of features. It will usually get the job done for you with little amount of work. One thing that I personally love about this and other 2WIRE gateways is the simple summary at the "homepage" of the router's control panel (accessed by going to the URL: http://homeportal in any web browser). The summary page will be covered in the Functionality section below. Another thing about this gateway is it's access list based on MAC addresses. This will not only ban or allow users based on the item name or IP address, but it will go down to the hardware level and ban that physical network card.

Stability 4.9

The stability on this product is amazing. It has been going strong for almost a year and a half. And this isn't just with the standard gateway setup. This is with two bridged routers connected to it, a 24/7 accessed server, and a wi-fi control panel through a linux distro (ZoneCD) running on a seperate machine. The only stability issues I have seen are ISP based, and have nothing to do with the gateway. The gateway doesn't get too hot, and I haven't needed to reset it yet. Overall, even with heavy use, this gateway is one tough cookie.

Functionality 3.4

This gateway is a very simple one. The control panel has many interesting features that most other routers don't have. First, the gateway has a small, but very useful, summary page at the "homepage" of it's control panel. Accessing it is very easy, and can be done so by entering http://homeportal into the URL bar of any web browser. This includes mobile devices such as Internet Tablets and, as I personally use, iPod Touches/iPhones. The summary page includes a lot of very useful information. This includes:

-Connected and recently disconnected devices

-Current firmware version and device

-Current connection statues and speeds (this is unbiased information that comes from ISP level. This means that it doesn't run through your network first, it goes straight to your router/gateway)

-Firewall and Wireless status

These features are very useful because you can just type that URL in and get basically all the important information of the router "on-the-go".

Finally, the most important feature of this gateway is the fact that it is a router and modem put together. This means less clutter and less wiring to do. It also means less troubleshooting when/if something goes wrong.


This gateway is a very good personal router, and can be used as a business gateway, although not recommended. It is a very good "bang for your buck" and has all the features that a personal router/modem should ever need, such as Port Forwarding, Access List at hardware level, Firewall levels for specific devices, the popular, but not recommended, DMz Mode, and very good stability. It will chew up and spit out any task that you throw at it, and overall this router gets a 4.5.

By the way, the Apple sticker in the picture does not come with the gateway, it is just an add-on that I personally attached.