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2 X Ultra Ivory Snow Gentle Care Detergent For Delicates

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2X Ultra Ivory Snow

2X Ultra Ivory Snow Gentle Care Detergent is my detergent of choice for laundering delicate fabrics. My favorite thing about it is the scent! I can't seem to find the words to describe how wonderful this detergent smells. It is a stronger scent than the leading detergent for delicates. For those who love the way clothes smell after adding a liquid fabric softener to the wash, I encourage you to try Ivory Snow for your delicates.

Ivory Snow can be used in the gentle cycle, and it can also be used for hand washing delicate items in a sink or wash tub. I can't remember the last time I actually washed something by hand but, when used with our washing machine's gentle cycle, this detergent does an excellent job of getting delicate fabrics clean. It's gentle enough that it doesn't cause fabrics to fade or pill. Because it's so gentle, I recommend checking fabrics carefully for stains or spots on clothing prior to laundering with Ivory Snow. Any stains should be pre-treated before the garments are washed.

25 fluid ounces of 2X Ultra Ivory Snow washes 16 loads of laundry and costs $6.99 at Publix. So, it's not exactly economical to use this detergent for every load of laundry. However, for those who launder delicates infrequently, using this product won't break the bank, and it may even feel like an indulgence.

The bad news is, Ivory Snow seems to be in short supply these days. I used to be able to find it in liquid form on the West Coast, but I really had to search for it. The last time I looked for it in stores on the West Coast, I was able to find it in powder form only. (After searching so many stores, I can't recall which store I finally found it in). This bottle of liquid Ivory Snow (along with five others, as we were smart enough to stock up) I have now was purchased at an East Coast Publixsupermarket.

Now for the use instructions. For use in a machine: Fill to line 1 for medium loads, line 2 for large loads. (The fill lines are clearly visible on the inside of the cap). It is advised to use more of the product for heavily soiled loads. (The bottle contains enough detergent to launder 16 medium loads). Simply start your washer, add the necessary amount of Ivory Snow, and then toss in your delicates. A wash temperature is not recommended, but I always wash delicates in cold or lukewarm water. (Hot water seems to cause fabrics to break down faster). The detergent claims to be safe for wools, silks and cottons. I've never washed anything wool, but I can vouch for it being safe for silks and cottons.

It will be a disappointment if Procter & Gamble stops manufacturing this particular detergent, but I wouldn't be surprised. I even checked their website to find out where to purchase this gentle laundry soap, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the site. Looks like I may have to start using a delicate detergent that I like less.