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3 Books In One Juanita Bynum

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I was very surprised to find this "3 Books In One" by Juanita Bynum at Bealls Outlet. I had been wanting to read her book "The Threshing Floor" and it was neat to find this compilation of three of her recent books. The other two are "Matters Of The Heart", and "Walking In Your Destiny." Juanita Bynum is a New York Times best selling author, and a great motivational and inspirational speaker. She is often seen on TBN and other television networks as well.

"Matters Of The Heart" discusses how much of the church world is no different than the secular world in material desires and values. She suggests that we need a transformation of the heart, as we strengthen our commitment to the Lord.

"Walking In Your Destiny" speaks of discovering your spiritual inheritance, and learning how to recognize and fulfill the call that God has placed on your life. She talks about needing to learn obedience, and how to respond to authority.

"The Threshing Floor" is all about prayer. Using the illustration of the Tabernacle Of Moses, Juanita shows a divine pattern for intercession.

The thing I like about Juanita Bynum is that she is not afraid to share her own shortcomings and mistakes, in hopes of keeping the reader from experiencing the same things. She is willing to make herself vulnerable, in order to teach spiritual principles. It is this vulnerability that makes her believable. She does write on a more mature spiritual level, and likes to go deeper into the things of God.