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3 In 1 Who Knew???

Reviewing: Simple Pleasures (3 In 1) Bubble Bath,Shower Gel, And Shampoo  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I found a wonderful product that has come in handy for more than I actually bought it for. It's called Simples Pleasures 3 In 1 Coconut & Vanilla Bean shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel. Now that's a novel idea! don't laugh--but I bought it to clean my tub with. I've gotten into aromatherapy I guess, and decided why not clean my tub with something that has a lovely fragrance. Of course, I scour it also with Comet from time to time. But I just love the wonderful coconut and vanilla scent that this leaves in my bathroom.

One day recently, when my daughter was visiting, she took off with my shampoo and creme rinse downstairs. I jumped in my shower one night, not realizing that it had not been returned to the upstairs. Spying the Simple Pleasures 3 In 1 bottle, I grabbed it and washed my hair. It was delightful, and I generally use salon shampoos. The fragrance filled the shower, and my hair. And it made my hair look great also. Who knew??? Then I decided to try it as a shower gel, and that was terrific also. I poured a little onto the shower floor to see how it would work as bubble bath, but didn't find it to have a lot of bubbling properties. But hey--2 out of 3 ain't bad, and I really didn't give it a fair shot as bubble bath. I'll try that another time. But I think this product is wonderful.

So if you want a shower gel, a shampoo, a bubble bath, and a tub cleanser, get Simple Pleasures 3 In 1 Coconut and Vanilla Bean bath product.