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3 Women. 2 Carats. 1 Year The Vow

Reviewing: The Vow By: Denene Millner, Angela Burt Murrary & Mitzi Miller  |  Rating:
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The Vow was truly one of the best African-American novels on relationships I have read in a long time. Once I started, I couldn't put this book down!

It all begins, of all places, at a wedding. Three best friends and sorority sisters - Trista, Amaya and Vivian - make a pact, or a vow, that by the same time next year they themselves will be the ones getting married. Then, all mayhem breaks loose! The story takes you on this roller coaster ride of following each of the three sorority sisters through their lives, and relationships, in L.A.

All characters were well developed and I was totally engrossed in each of their lives as the embarked on holding up their end of the vow. This book is a classic tale of single-women searching for love and the adventures that come along while on the journey to find that special someone. If I was a screewriter, I would make this novel into a movie! Two thumbs up!